A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy(26 Books Set) | A Popular Children’s Novel Series About Three Detectives

Why are there 26 books in the “A to Z mystery case” series?

Because Ron Roy skillfully used 26 letters in English to name each book.

How many main characters are there in the book? All the stories revolve around three smart, witty, individualized detectives, Tintin, Josh and Ruth. Although they were only nine years old, they succeeded in solving mysterious and unpredictable cases in the town where they lived, Green Town, and during their travels abroad, by thinking, investigating, researching and reasoning.

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A to Z Mysteries is a popular children’s novel series written by Ron Roy and published by Random House. The series is generally considered among the best “easy readers” for young children. There are twenty-six books in the series, one for each letter of the alphabet. The series begins with The Absent Author, published in 1997, and ends with The Zombie Zone, published in 2005.

The books follow the adventures of three junior detectives, Donald David “Dink” Duncan, Joshua “Josh” Pinto, and Ruth Rose Hathaway. They are nine years old and live in Green Lawn, a fictional town in Connecticut, United States. Due to having the same author as the Capital Mysteries, the main characters’ paths cross with KC and Marshall (the other series’ main characters) and they become friends.

Other characters include Pal, a dog that once belonged to crooks and currently resides with Josh; a mystery writer named Wallis Wallace who first takes part in The Absent Author; and Mr. Linkletter, the local hotel receptionist. Others include Officer Fallon, Josh’s younger twin brothers Bradley and Brian, Ruth Rose’s younger brother Nate, and Mr. Pasky, owner of the local bookstore in Green Lawn.

The immense popularity of the original series inspired a follow-up series A to Z Mysteries Special Edition with the same characters. The first book in this series, Detective Camp, was published in May 2006. In addition, Ron Roy wrote a spin-off series titled Calendar Mysteries.

An article in Horn Book Magazine states that one reason for the series’ popularity may be that the main characters “are about as hip as oatmeal”, offering relief to readers who may feel burdened by peer pressure.

1、A to Z Mysteries: the orange outlaw
2、A to Z Mysteries: the deadly dungeon
3、A to Z Mysteries: the lucky lottery
4、A to Z Mysteries: the unwilling umpire
5、A to Z Mysteries: the runaway racehouse
6、A to Z Mysteries: the haunted hotel
7、A to Z Mysteries: the canary caper
8、A to Z Mysteries: the X’ed-out X-ray
9、A to Z Mysteries: the school skeleton
10、A to Z Mysteries: the empty envelope
11、A to Z Mysteries: the white wolf
12、A to Z Mysteries: the vampire’s vacation
13、A to Z Mysteries: the missing mummy
14、A to Z Mysteries: the absent author
15、A to Z Mysteries: theinvisible island
16、A to Z Mysteries: the quicksand question
17、A to Z Mysteries: the kidnapped king
18、A to Z Mysteries: the talking T.Rex
19、A to Z Mysteries: the ninth nugget
20、A to Z Mysteries: the bald bandit
21、A to Z Mysteries: the Jaguar’s Jewel
22、A to Z Mysteries: the Yellow Yacht
23、A to Z Mysteries: the falcon’s feathers
24、A to Z Mysteries: the pandapuzzle
25、A to Z Mysteries: the zombie zone
26、A to Z Mysteries: the goose’s gold


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A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy(26 Books Set) | A Popular Children’s Novel Series About Three Detectives


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