A Journey of Adventure: My Life In The Royal Malaysian Air Force

Highly recommended for aviation enthusiasts, aspiring officers, and those seeking inspiration in the air force.



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“A fascinating journey, well documented with precision and absolute detail. The thinking of the writer was clearly and candidly expressed in every move he made.

The journey for the writer in the RMAF was not without major challenges. With perseverance and love for flying and the Air Force, he established himself as one of the key players in transforming the RMAF from just supporting the ground forces to a credible Airpower in the region”

Air vice Marshall Tan Sri sulaiman Sujak (R) RMAF– First Malaysian Chief of the RMAF


“The writer exhibits a remarkable dedication and whole-hearted approach to ensuring the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) evolves into a credible Air Force. This commitment is beautifully transpired in his writing, which clearly states the reasons behind his actions. Supported by texts, critical facts, and crucial circumstances, the author provides a comprehensive explanation for his decision-making process. By doing so, he not only offers insight into his actions but also empowers present and future commanders with a profound understanding of who, why, when, and what needs to be done to achieve objectives. This captivating journey of adventure takes readers on a historical evolution of the Air Force, vividly portrayed through the writer’s first-hand experiences, the transition from a civilian to the Chief of the air Force.”

General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Mohd Asghar Khan bin Goriman Khan RMAF – current Chief of the RMAF


“Tan Sri Abdul Ghani bin Tan Sri Abdul Aziz’s autobiography is a comprehensive account of his life and his aspiration in the Royal Malaysian Air Force. I find the book very readable and not at all wearisome, despite its length. It is enlightening to me as I had similar experiences in the Air Force but from a different perspective.

From various episodes in the book I find him to be open-minded and not ostentatious; upright but not arrogant. What amazes me most is his tenacity to make the most out of whatever predicament he got into. Whenever he was down, his mind appeared to be at rest but did not remain static. At the first change of circumstance, he would spring back with renewed vigor.

This book could be useful as reading material for aspiring officers in the air force in the pursuit of their careers, especially those aspiring to be air force pilots. It is a source of inspiration to individuals who strive for self-improvement.

Brigadier General Dato Huang Chew Siong (R) RMAF – A friend


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A Journey of Adventure: My Life In The Royal Malaysian Air Force


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