Malaya’s Grand Lady of Medicine: A definitive biography of Dr. Soo Kim Lan

A keepsake of historic articles & private memoirs.



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【Product Information】

This is a more than just a biography of the first woman medical doctor in Malaya.

This book takes you on a time travel journey, going back to the early 1910s till 1980s.

Revisiting Dr. Jacquelyn Soo’s journey, she was a pioneer in the medical field and she has contributed greatly to the medical advancement of this nation, chiefly health care for women and mothers.

The story of this Grand Lady of Medical should not be ignored, especially in Malaysia medical’s history, and this book is worth treasuring!


【Author Information】

Dr Jacquelyn PY Soo

Dr Jacquelyn PY Soo was in the thick of the commercial communication industry before she traded her career as Creative Director for the chance to raise her child and two cats, and explore life on the freelance lane as a Communication Specialist. Her academic background in linguistics and expertise in the communication fields give her an expansive platform to handle top priority communication challenges. Amongst the top 3% travel reviewers for Trip Advisor under a pseudonym, she also enjoyed producing the Little Quark collection of illustrated children’s literature, a philanthropic book for a young boy suffering from Duchenne Muscular Disease (DMD), and numerous other books, ghost-written for new and long-lost friends.


【Table of Content】

-Childhood and family background
-School days and social norms
-Malaya’s first Chinese woman doctor
-Lifelong service to public healthcare
-Champion for charitable causes
-Public services and formal accolades
-Pioneering spirit and final days

Chapter 1: The 1910s
Chapter 2: The 1920s
Chapter 3: The 1930s
Chapter 4: The 1940s
Chapter 5: The 1950s
Chapter 6: The 1960s
Chapter 7: The 1970s
Chapter 8: The Last Decade
Chapter 9: The Family’s Tribute

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