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The Clockwork Conspiracy by Sam Sedgman

A locked-room mystery packed with rooftop chases, hidden codes and mind-bending science, The Clockwork Conspiracy is a must for fans of the Adventures on Trains series and Sharna Jackson’s High Risemysteries



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【Product Information】

A locked-room mystery packed with rooftop chases, hidden codes and mind-bending science, The Clockwork Conspiracy is a must for fans of the Adventures on Trains series and Sharna Jackson’s High Rise mysteries.

Aspiring inventor Isaac Turner lives with his dad, the horologist in charge of Big Ben. But when his father vanishes from the belfry on the night the clocks go back, leaving behind only a smashed pocket watch and a cryptic message, Isaac determines to find him.

Hunting a trail of clues through London’s landmarks, Isaac uncovers a sinister plot in the gears of government and embarks on a race against time to save his father – and time itself.


【Author Information】

Sam Sedgman

A bestselling author, confirmed nerd and enthusiastic ferroequinologist.

Before writing stories for children, Sam worked as a digital producer at the National Theatre, which meant nosing around backstage with a camera and a microphone, cajoling theatre makers into explaining how stories get made. Forever interested in piecing things together, Sam is a lifelong fan of puzzles, games and detective fiction, and once founded a company making murder mystery treasure hunts for adventurous Londoners. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

When he isn’t writing, Sam can usually be found admiring a handsome timepiece, watching Alfred Hitchcock movies, or explaining some weird fact to you. He lives in London, on top of a railway station.


【Media’s Review】

An ingenious mystery full of fascinating facts. Sedgman has cracked the code for an absolute triumph of a book ― A.F. Steadman

Clever, inventive and a cracking read ― Eoin Colfer

The Clockwork Conspiracy offers a captivating and perilous adventure that surprises and delights at every turn. I raced through this brilliant page-turning mystery, and loved every breathless minute! ― Catherine Doyle

A taut, tense mystery with perfectly-timed plotting, this is guaranteed to make the time fly ― Maz Evans

A race of a read. Once you open this book you will not be able to stop reading until the very last sentence. It is the definition of a page-turner. Thrilling, exciting and compelling, Sam Sedgman has written a clever adventure ruled by time and rife with political intrigue, constructing a plot with unexpected twists and turns. A refreshingly contemporary adventure and brilliant fun. ― M.G Leonard

An adventure so gripping you will feel like time has stopped! Isaac and Hattie’s quest through London will keep you reading until your own clock says it’s way past bedtime ― Chris Smith

Hugely exciting, hugely fun sure-fire clock-ticking hit ― Sam Copeland

THE CLOCKWORK CONSPIRACY is a fiendishly clever contraption, featuring brilliantly savvy characters and a well-wound plot that ticks along like – what else? – clockwork. ― Andrew Sagar

A twisty-turny adventure that will have you hopping across the rooftops of parliament and uncovering mysteries in underground tunnels. Isaac Turner is a real page turner! ― Annabelle Sami

A thrilling locked-room mystery, with a plot as beautifully engineered as clockwork. ― Pari Thomson

Like Arthur Conan Doyle meets Back to the Future ― Elle McNicoll

Perfect for science lovers and codebreakers everywhere, The Clockwork Conspiracy is a gripping, high-stakes thriller with more twists and turns than a Rubik’s Cube! I cannot wait to read more of Isaac Turner’s investigations ― Jennifer Bell

I predict this will be a very popular addition to any library, home or classroom and can’t wait to read the next book in the series. ― Books for Keeps

This is a thrilling story from start to finish. [.] This is a book for anyone who loves a good adventure story, as its mysteries will keep you guessing just what’s going to happen next, while the action will have you on the edge of your seat ― Inis Magazine

A rapid adventure, combined with an encyclopaedic focus on a particular subject – and an ability to make it sing ― The Telegraph

The Clockwork Conspiracy is a gripping mystery delivered with panache […] A timely thriller that roots for the democratic process. ― The Observer

An action-packed, thrilling adventure ― The Week Junior

The whole thing whirrs along like a high-concept Alex Rider novel, never missing a beat, thanks to a tightly wound plot [.] A smart and pacey thriller. Time well spent. ― The Times


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the clockwork conspiracy by sam sedgman
The Clockwork Conspiracy by Sam Sedgman


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