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The Swifts : The New York Times Bestselling Mystery Adventure

Discover the hilarious New York Times bestselling mystery adventure perfect for fans of Robin Stevens and Lemony Snicket.



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【Product Information】

‘A stunning debut . . . laugh-out-loud funny’ – Observer

Discover the hilarious New York Times bestselling mystery adventure perfect for fans of Robin Stevens and Lemony Snicket.

On the day they are born, each Swift is brought before the Family Dictionary. They are given a name and a definition, and it is assumed they will grow up to match. Unfortunately, Shenanigan Swift has other ideas.

So what if her relatives all think she’s destined to turn out as a troublemaker, just because of her name? Shenanigan knows she can be whatever she wants – pirate, explorer or even detective.

Which is lucky, really, because when one of the Family tries to murder Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude, someone has to work out whodunit.

With the help of her sisters and cousin, Shenanigan grudgingly takes on the case, but more murders, a hidden treasure and an awful lot of suspects make thing seriously complicated.

Can Shenanigan catch the killer before the whole household is picked off? And in a Family where definitions are so important, can she learn to define herself?


【Author Information】

Beth Lincoln

Beth Lincoln was raised in a former Victorian railway station in the North of England. Her childhood fears included porcelain dolls, the Durham panther, and wardrobes that looked at her funny. She grew neither tall nor wise, and never learned to play an instrument – but she did write stories, a bad habit that has persisted to this day.

When she isn’t writing, Beth is woodcarving, or making a mess of her flat, or talking the nearest ear off about unexplained occurrences. Her favourite things include ghosts, crisps, and weird old words like bumbershoot and zounderkite.

She lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with her partner and hopefully, by the time you are reading this, a dog.


【Illustrator Information】

Claire Powell

The bestselling children’s book illustrator who got her first book deal in 2016 and has never looked back. After spending many years in London, Claire now enjoys a quieter life in the rolling hills of Derbyshire with her partner Stefan (who may not agree that living with Claire is quiet).


【Media’s Review】

A stunning debut . . . This is an exquisitely written book about identity and wordplay that’s as warm, masterful and up-to-date as it is laugh-out-loud funny. — Kitty Empire ― Observer

Deliciously, quirkily Gothic — Robin Stevens ― New York Times Book Review

Murder most splendid in this ghoulish debut — Emily Bearn ― The Telegraph

Gothic mystery brimming with bonkers characters and boundless energy ― Daily Mail

A fun read with diverse characters and an enticing setting. — Alice Clifford ― The Sun

A mystery that is as clever and impish as its heroine ― Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

An absolutely delightful debut ― Kirkus Reviews Starred Review

A witty confection of highly colourful characters ― The Horn Book

A delightful pick for sharp readers enamoured of gothic sensibilities and clever prose ― Shelf Awareness Starred Review

This witty, imaginative entry deserves a prominent space on the MG shelf. ― PaperBound


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the swifts : the new york times bestselling mystery adventure
The Swifts : The New York Times Bestselling Mystery Adventure


In stock