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The Shallows by Holly Craig

“An exhilarating and accomplished action-packed thriller.”―B. A. Paris



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【Product Information】

Her best friend is dead.

Emma and Ariella, neighbours in one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs, appear to have it all―perfect homes, perfect husbands, perfect lives. But they both know dark secrets lurk beneath the surface and shallow waters can’t hide Ariella’s. Now she has been found murdered.

Her daughter filmed the killing.

Not knowing what she’s filmed, Emma’s daughter Kiki innocently uploads footage of Ariella’s brutal death. Emma fears the worst―the killer will know what she and Kiki have seen. Their safe suburban lives no longer exist.

Her husband knows more than he’s revealing.

Emma’s husband Charles forces the family to leave their perfect life and escape on their yacht. His dangerous plan to flee means Emma is trapped and desperately seeking answers. What are they hiding from? What did Ariella have to confess? And who else knows Emma’s own secret?

Her secret isn’t safe and neither is she.


【Author Information】

Holly Craig

Holly Craig lives on the Western Australian coast. She spent her childhood on boats and on Rottnest Island, inspiring her second novel The Rip, which is out in 2024 with Thomas & Mercer. The beach and river were her playground and have shaped the settings in her novels. Holly is an English teacher and now teaches adults how to write their novels, preparing their manuscripts for publication. She also co-hosts a podcast, Off The Page, which focuses on the highs and lows of author life.

You can follow Holly on her website:, Instagram: Holly Craig (@hollycraigauthor), and Twitter: Holly Craig (@hollycwriter).


【Media’s Review】

“An exhilarating and accomplished action-packed thriller, The Shallows will have you gripped right from the start.” ―B.A. Paris, author of Behind Closed Doors, The Therapist, and The Prisoner

“The Shallows is a gripping thriller about survival and the murky depths we can go to for wealth and prestige. Relentlessly fast-paced and packed full of tension, it’s the definition of a page-turner.” ―John Marrs, author of Keep It in the Family

“A stunning thriller….Glamorous, tense, gripping and twisty….What a ride!” ―Shalini Boland, author of The Silent Bride

“This one is fast, fun and twisty―A great read!” ―Sarah Bailey, author of the Detective Woodstock series

“Immersive, compulsive storytelling…The Shallows will hook you and keep you reading long into the night.” ―G R Halliday, author of the Monica Kennedy series

“Packed with twists and turns, this is a rollercoaster of a thriller that will leave you guessing―and your adrenaline spiked! I read it in a weekend.” ―Ali Lowe, author of The Trivia Night

“The author we’ve all been waiting on.…Her talent does NOT disappoint!” ―Paula Johnston, author of The Lies She Told

“A dark and murky read that is ultimately filled with epic, strong women. Desperate Housewives meets Dead Calm.” ―Susi Holliday, author of The Hike

“The Shallows is a brilliantly written observation into how well we know those closest to us, both physically and emotionally. Superbly rich in setting, fantastically tense in atmosphere. I flew through it.” ―L. V. Matthews, author of The Twins

“A relentlessly gripping thriller with unguessable twists.” ―K. L. Slater, author of The Girlfriend


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The Shallows by Holly Craig


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